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Thinksoft patent
Family friendly certificate
Main Biz certificate
Corporate R&D center
Venture company confirmation.
Partner company
Performance sharing
confirmation company
ISO 15504
Soludus partner certificate
Division Issued by Registration number Registration date Note
Patent Patent office No. 10-2235073 March 26, 2021 Automatic generation system and methods of SECS message source code
Family friendly certification Ministry of gender equality and family No. 2020-0585 December 01, 2020 Supporting employees' work-life balance and contributing to national competitiveness
Main Biz Small and medium venture business department No. 221304-02056 August 16, 2022 Management innovation type SMEs (Main-Biz)
Corporate R&D center Korea industrial technology association No. 2017114677 October 13, 2021 Corporate research institute based on basic research and technology development
Venture company confirmation Venture company confirmation agency No. 20210624010021 June 24, 2021 Venture corporation by investment type
Partner company Korea institute of industrial technology No. 2019-0062 February 28, 2019 -
Performance sharing confirmation company Small and medium venture business department No. 2021-007273 April 20, 2021 A company that openly shares its performances
ISO 15504 KAPA KAPA-20S1103 November 14, 2020 Developed a product interior perspective image display fusion smart home appliances
Copyright Korea copyright commission No. C-2020-052570 December 30, 2020 Transparent panel control and integrated monitoring software of camera images
Copyright Korea copyright commission No. C-2019-036147 November 28, 2019 Product interior perspective image display software
Copyright Korea copyright commission No. C-2019-036146 November 28, 2019 Product interior monitoring and control software
Partner company Soluders Co., Ltd. - October 04, 2019 Received the official partner company certification